Conference held in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh on 8th April.

Minimally invasive Cardiac surgery means less invasion on patients body by less traumatic and cosmetic incisions , less invasion on the physiology by avoiding artificial heart lung machine and less invasion on his pocket by avoiding high cost.

 It is matter of great pride to see doctors from Himachal serving not only their own state but also serving the Nation at prestigious positions outside Himachal and even abroad “

Nice to hear the government thinking beyond -serve the state barrier and acknowledging the contribution of those who are serving the humanity outside Himachal even in private sector . Pleasure to be honoured by Famous personalities like

Hon’able Sh Shanta Kumar ji former Chief minister Himachal Pradesh
Hon’able Sh Vipin Parmar Health Minister Himachal Pradesh
and Professor Raj Bahadur Vice Chancellor Baba Farid University punjab