About Cardiomersion


Concept & Contribution of Cardiomersion in Management of Heart Diseases | Dr. Deepak Puri |

About Cardiomersion

Cardiomersion is a Global group promoting Integrated Approach to Comprehensive Cardiac Care started in 2011 by Dr Deepak Puri (Founder Chairman).Heart and lifestyle diseases are the leading causes of mortality and morbidity nowadays. There has been tremendous improvement in the management of Cardiac Diseases and advancement in techniques of Cardiac surgery, cardiac anesthesiology and related technology as well as comorbidities associated with cardiac disease has necessitated the need for developing an integrated approach for management of such patients where all the allied specialities come together to address all the aspects of management right from prevention ,diagnosis treatment and rehabilitation of the patients to deliver comprehensive care.

We Promote Integrated Approach Involving Team work to deliver Comprehensive cost effective management of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Diseases.This Involves Primordial & Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular and other lifestyle diseases from an early age apart from initializing early diagnosis and holistic management of diseases before any complications arise. This is followed by timely Intervention which may be Medical percutaneous or surgical as appropriate decided by Heart Team approach . After Intervention proper Rehabilitation is provided to ensure full recovery so that person can resume normal activity and work as soon as possible and proper protocols are followed for Secondary Prevention .

 We deliver world class Comprehensive  management and perform Surgeries at most economical cost effective rates according to patients affordability in main center as well as all Cardiomersion allied center in the region  also impart training to doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, technicians, physician, asistants, dietitians, physiotherapists, healthcare IT and media and healthcare managers. Also help in doing projects/clinical research as well as organize events and bring updates regularly and organize Global conferences  since 2011 to achieve uniformity in management of Cardiavascular disease menace .

Objectives of Cardiomersion:-

  • Spread awareness about Comprehensive management  of Cardiovascular Thoracic & other Lifestyle Diseases.
  • Promote Primordial and Primary Prevention among younger population.
  • Identify Risk factors before onset of actual diseases and provide  counselling for  disease Prevention.
  • Early Diagnosis of diseases and their  holistic management Involving  Multi Specialty Approach.
  • Timely Interventions as decided by Heart Team which may be Medical , Percuteneous  or Surgical Involving latest Technology and Guideline.
  • Appropriate Rehabilitation and regular Follow up to ensure Secondary Prevention.
  • Regular CMEs , Conferences and Trainings  to enhance skills and update knowledge of entire Team.
  • Simplify procedures and minimize complications to maintain cost effectiveness and deliver compassionate and best Patient care.